Local Heritage Organizations

This page includes a partial list of archives and heritage organizations in the Portland metro area and throughout Oregon. To learn more about each institution or organization click on the link.

Last update: 7 September 2021


7 thoughts on “Local Heritage Organizations

  1. I use this “Local Organizations” list a lot, before and during the pandemic. I use it myself and refer others to the list. Are you keeping it updated? Thank you!


    1. We are so glad that the list has been useful for you. The list includes organizations that have participated in the Oregon Archives Crawl over the years. We update it as new organizations participate, but it is still only a partial list of what is available in the region.


  2. How does an organization get added to this list? I am a board member of a local archives located near Hubbard, Oregon, and would like to see us listed here. Here is a link to our website with more info htpps://pnmhs.org/archives/.


    1. Hi Linwood, thanks for getting in touch. You get added to the list by commenting just as you did. We have added Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society to the list of local heritage organizations. Happy Archives Month!


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