Archives Month

PARC StacksOctober is American Archives Month and here in Oregon we celebrate archives, special collections, and heritage organizations in a variety of ways.  Our goal is to raise public awareness of the historical resources available in our state and highlighting their importance to everyone, including how the public can access the collections.  The celebrations change from year to year, but you can expect to find behind-the-scenes tours of archives, historical exhibits, and family friendly events. Included in the roster of events is the ever-popular Oregon Archives Crawl.  The Crawl is moving from an annual event to an every-other-year event in order to allow organizations the opportunity to focus on the many creative ways of celebrating Archives Month.

Whether you are a student, local history buff, genealogist, vintage photo lover, seasoned researcher, or just someone interested in knowing what the region holds in its archives, Archives Month is an excellent opportunity to support history, learn something you didn’t know, and above all, have fun!

Find out about Archives Month Events here.


4 thoughts on “Archives Month

  1. Ashley

    Is the event “crawl” style where the tour moves to each venue sequentially? Or, will we be able to stop into any of the archives between 11-3? Looking forward to it!


    1. portlandarchives Post author

      Great question! All of the archives participating will have a table at one location (1800 SW 6th Ave, Suite 550). This is an opportunity to sample a variety of archives all in one place…talk with archivists and learn about their collections. Maybe even get a glimpse of some unique archival materials. We hope to see you on Saturday!


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